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Custom Platforms, Websites and Mobile Apps

Build your custom web platform quickly and efficiently

Our team support start-up companies from the first idea through to a fully working product custom platform. By involvement at each stage of the process we can provide consultation and build to ensure that your start-up makes the most of first round investment and can start generating income rapidly.

With experts on hand and quality UK based developers, Ricorocks can build out working digital prototypes, MVPs, mobile apps and full custom platforms in an efficient and cost-effective way, providing a sound digital platform ready for growth.

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Your tech start-up idea needs the best platform to bring it to market quickly and efficiently. Our team can help guide and build so that your platform can go live with the least dealy and at the most effective cost.

Building on years of experience, our consultation and development services are targeted to get a "minimum viable product" into the marketplace rapidly and effectively, giving you a solid platform to build on and scale.

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