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Travel Technology Experts

Tech and Marketing for the Travel Industry

Ricorocks are key providers of tech and custom platforms for the travel industry. We develop custom solutions which enable ticket providers, hotels, OTAs and others reach their market with their own tech platform.

We support from consultation for Travel and Start-ups through to the natural life-cycle of a custom travel platform and hospitality marketing, providing high quality support and platform monitoring. Our careful planning means the custom technology platforms we create are scalable and ready to link out to other services.

Learn how our team can help develop your travel or hospitality tech.

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Rapidly Deployed Platforms for Business Start-ups

Fast Route To Market

Technology for Startups

Getting your start-up off the ground can be challenging and expensive. When first round investment needs to bring results, Ricorocks can help. Our experienced team can rapidly plan, structure, prototype, and deploy first versions and MVPs to get your start-up business live and ready for next round of investment.

Consultancy and tech involvement can help your business get off to the best start, setting a strong foundation for rapidly evolving tech to meet the demands put on it by investors and customers.

Learn how our team can help rapidly deploy proof of concepts, MVPs and Starter Platforms ready to drive investment.

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Travel Digital Marketing Experts

Digital Marketing for Travel, Start-ups and Others

Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing Experts for Travel, Start-ups and More

Our Travel & Hotel Internet Marketing team have years of experience in promoting real businesses on line. Covering a broad range of skills, we can help your company improve its presence, engagement, sales and contacts through hospitality digital marketing.

Specialising in travel and hospitality marketing, we can help your business reach existing and potential customers, designing a customer journey to take your users from prospects through to buyers.

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