Three Tips for Maintaining your AdWords Internet Marketing Campaign

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Keeping track of your website AdWords requires time and skill, but with a little thought and planning, your ads can perform to their optimum and provide a valuable source of business. Google Analytics is an essential tool in running a successful AdWords campaign as it keeps track of all visitors to your site, how they arrived at your site and what they did while they were there.
A regular check can keep your PPC campaign moving the right direction. Here we identify three key steps for keeping your PPC campaign on track.

Monitoring Search Terms and use Negative Keyword Lists

Checking the search terms which triggered your ads and building a useful negative keywords list will keep your Adwords spend focused on relevant visitors to your site, and prevents you spending money on searches which result in low CTR or no conversion. Having the wrong keywords on your negative keyword list can make as much difference to your campaign as bidding on the right keywords. By constantly redefining your search terms you will ensure that your campaign produces the results you want.

Manage Spend & Watch Seasonality

Regularly make sure that you are bidding on the correct search terms and adjusting bids as necessary to ensure that your ads are high on the search results page. Targeting the top spot can improve your clickthrough rate which affects your quality score and can lower your cost per click. If your product is seasonal, use a tool to plan out search volume and use a budget planner to reserve budget to cover search during this period. As others will be bidding during your high season a higher bid may be needed to help your site appear in searches. Many bids are round figures, £1.20 or £2 for example, so bidding £1.24 or £2.10 gives you the edge in the keyword auction and helps improve your position and clickthrough.

Use AdWords and Webmaster Tool Data

Google Analytics is a valuable source of information on how people are using your site. The section on ‘Traffic Source’ helps you identify the top traffic sources for your site and enables you to compare the performance of your PPC campaign in comparison to other channels. You can dig down to see the site usage of traffic from each campaign, checking the conversions, goals and actions they took. You can use this data to modify your keywords, campaigns and landing pages.

Regular PPC checks mean that your campaign reaches the right people, with the right message and at the right time. Ricorocks PPC Agency have over 10 years’ experience in running PPC campaigns. Contact us now for a no obligation chat and details on how we can help your company get the most from its AdWords campaign.