Show Google Shopping Ads in Google Feed (Now Google Discover)

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New Placements For Google Shopping Ads

Google had announced that from July 15th 2019 some eligible Google shopping campaigns will show product ads in YouTube and in Google Discover (which was previously known as Google Feed)

Most people will have seen Google shopping ads as they search for products and prices on the web. Shopping ads show as a carousel at the top of the search results, including a product image, prices and the store where it’s available. This is a PPC campaign and is a great way for advertisers to promote their online stores.

Talking about Google Discover, Google say that “800 million people use the feed each month to stay up to date on their interests” which gives is considerable reach. It was rebranded as Google Discover in 2018 and promotes “evergreen content”, content which may be older but is new to the user. It lets the user select whether they want to see more of less of different types of content, further refining Google’s knowledge of a user’s likes and dislikes.

How to Make Use Of Google Discover

Taking the shopping experience into Google Discover will allow advertisers to keep the communication open and the product in front of prospective buyers at a time they might be more inclined to click and purchase. Eligible existing shopping campaigns will be shown to users and performance will be able to be monitored in Google Ads, with Google Discover showing as a separate channel.

Google is expanding the reach of Google Discover by including it on the Google Search home page for mobile. This will greatly increase the number of people exposed to the shopping ads included in the feed, bringing the opportunity to market products before a prospective customer has even searched. Google’s announcement said:

The Google homepage has always been a place to ask quest ions and search for information you’re interested in. Now, it will be even easier to keep up with your interests, because Discover is coming to on all mobile browsers.

Think of it as your new mobile homepage where you can not only search, but also discover useful, relevant information and inspiration from across the web for the topics you care about most. This will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

Shopping ads take a little extra setup but are a great way to promote products for ecommerce shops. If you would like support in setting up shopping campaigns or optimising them for the best performance, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.