Remarketing – Why It Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

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When potential customers visit your website and don’t make a purchase or contact, it can be for many reasons. Perhaps they were gathering data on a mobile. They could have been interrupted by a phone call or visitor. They may have been unsure about the product and needed to think it over.

Whatever it is that breaks the buying process, there is good reason to bring the user back to complete their purchase, or to learn more and make contact with your business.

One great way to do this is by using Google’s remarketing lists in Google AdWords. You may be familiar with this feature from your own experience on the web. When you visit a webshop and view a product or service, that product or service follows you around on the internet for a few days, with the banner appearing on many other sites.

Remarketing works by Google recording visitors to your site with a cookie. That cookie lets them show banner adverts to those visitors. This works really well for local companies because you can limit who sees your adverts to a specific region or area. It also helps smaller businesses because their adverts can be seen on larger sites. Google does this by cleverly joining different adverts to the same page each time it loads. Two people viewing the same page on a site can see two different sets of adverts, based on their location, language, browsing history and other details.

What should the advert include? For eshops it’s logical to show the product the visitor was viewing, but all companies can benefit by applying some extra strategy. Showing reasons why the customer should complete the purchase, or the benefits of choosing your company can prompt a sale. Consider messages showing that you are a local company, offer after sales support, use local products, offer a guarantee, have same day delivery or have a wealth of experience to build the viewers trust in the brand. Use messages like limited time discounts, order cut-off times or low stock to give a sense of urgency

Remarketing can be a great way to promote your business and keep it fresh in the minds of potential customers. If you would like a remarketing campaign set up today, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.