Paid Search for Local Markets

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Targeting ads for local companies can be a challenge. The internet is a big place and most local companies have a finite budget for their marketing. Making every click count is essential to getting a good return on your marketing spend.

Both Google AdWords and Bing give us tools to ensure that our local PPC is targeted and has the best chance of being profitable. Making good use of these tools is key to running a campaign for companies who focus on a local area, and for companies targeting large areas but who want to spend more reaching more profitable areas. In this article, we focus on three paid search features to benefit local campaigns.


Use Geolocation to Target Your Business Area

Google and Bing both let businesses target potential customers searching in a specified location. This is great for businesses which have a fixed area of operation. By limiting your PPC campaign to searches in the area your business covers you are only using your marketing budget on clicks which you could convert into a customer. For example, if you were looking for customers in Mansfield, your Mansfield paid search campaign can be restricted to the Mansfield area.


Trial Breaking Your Campaigns Down by Area

By splitting your Paid Search campaign into smaller campaigns by area, you get greater control over your budget. You will be able to see which areas have a low cost per customer acquisition, and which cost more. You will be able to target your message to each area to improve the number of clicks your ad get. As an example, your Alfreton PPC campaign would use titles with Alfreton in it. Also, if you offer a service and your diary is full, you can pause campaigns to areas which perhaps take longer to get to and focus on the quick wins.


Make your Landing Pages Relevant

Once you have a potential customer on your site, it’s important that the page they land on is optimised to match their original search and guide them on to a purchase or to contact your company. The page should make it clear that your business can service the town or area that was searched. For example, a Chesterfield PPC campaign should lead to a Chesterfield targeted landing page. How you do this depends on your business, but you could use the location name in the page title, headers and text. You could change the images to local images, or include a map. If you have a previous client in that area, this might form a good testimonial.

Targeting specific areas in paid search can help you acquire new customers and grow your business. By limiting the areas where your PPC ads appear you can market effectively and often at a relatively low cost on the same platform as large international companies.

If you would like support in setting up or running a paid search campaign on any platform, contact our team at Ricorocks and we’d be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.