New Year, New Business You

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I’m sure you’ve heard the well-used phrase, “new year; new you”.  A new year makes us think about who we are, who we want to be, and how others see us.  It’s the time of year for that new diet, or that new exercise routine, or that new haircut you’ve been thinking about.  It’s time for a refresh.

Your business brand is no different.  A new year is the perfect time to consider where your company is going, and what you can do to reflect the changes you’ve made, and the ones you intend to make.  Your business is always growing, and you want a brand that reflects that.  Sometimes this comes in the form of a brand refresh, or sometimes an entire redesign.  What’s the difference?  How do you know which one your company needs?  Here’s some help and suggestions from the experts at Ricorocks:


This is a great option for businesses that want to reflect the company’s advancement, without losing any of their recognisable identity.  Customers will still feel in familiar territory, but you’ll have a vibrant, up-to-date style suited for today’s audiences.

This could include keeping much of your brand the same, but updating your website, giving it a new, more modern tone.  Often just simplifying and heading for a more minimalist look can really update the look and feel of your site. Or perhaps a bold visual layout will help you to reflect the dynamic approach to business your company has developed. 

Updating your colour palette could also give your brand that much-needed refresh.  It’s surprising how outdated a business’s colour scheme can look without them really noticing.  Going for some on-trend, appealing colours can have a real positive impact on current customers, as well as potential ones.

You could also update your logo.  This may seem like a daunting task, but don’t underestimate the impact this can have.  For example, perhaps your logo isn’t really suited for social media, or perhaps it doesn’t quite look right on mobile.  These subtle setbacks could actually be having more of a negative impression on potential customers than you realise.  A new logo, specifically designed to address these needs, could do wonders for your company’s online presence, and really reflect the modern, forward-moving business you’ve created.


A branding refresh is sort of like a new suit or a makeover.  A redesign, on the other hand, is like plastic surgery, a new hair colour and a whole new wardrobe.  If you’re really looking for a whole new identity for your company, this is probably the option for you.  Catapult your organisation forwards with updated branding and a transformed marketing program.

New logo, new colour palette, even new fonts – reinventing your branding style could show off who you truly are as a business.  Attract the kind of customers your dedicated endeavours deserve.  Do you want to come across as more sophisticated, more modern, or more inclusive?  Develop a branding style that reflects where your business is heading.

Perhaps you want to connect with your customers on a new level.  Big changes to your site, your social media or your marketing can help you reach out to new audiences or existing clients more effectively.

So, is it time for a “new you”?

Here at Ricorocks, we’ve been able to help many businesses reflect their company’s growth through their business design.  A redesign or even a refresh is not something you can rush; it takes a lot of time and careful consideration.  For expert advice and proven experience in both design and marketing, get in touch with Ricorocks Digital Agency.  Our friendly team will be able to help you on your journey to your new business presence.