Managing & Blocking an IP with Magento & cPanel

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If you are a Magento web store owner, you are probably used to getting multiple false orders. These orders usually originate from fake buyers, trying different credit card numbers or usernames to purchase items fraudulently or for free. These orders can be frustrating, mess up accounting and can cause great loss for your company if not identified and stopped. The order information can also cause sales figures to be inaccurate, making it hard to work out the revenue of your company.

Can it be avoided?

If you start to notice a pattern in these fraudulent transactions, you may be able to stop the buyer before they make another purchase. In your Magento store, under >’sales’ then >’orders’ you can see individual details of each transaction. If you select a transaction, you will be able to see the IP address (titled ‘Place from IP’), in the order summary. Most shop owners find that multiple purchases come from the same user IP address.
If this is the case you can block the address using your cPanel. Doing this will prevent future orders from that IP, and in the long run, save your shop time and money.

So here is how to block an IP address in cPanel. Log in to your cPanel. Under the ‘security’ section, choose the icon labelled ‘IP Address Deny Manager’. Copy the IP address from your Magento order summary page and paste it into the box ‘IP Address or Domain:’ on the cPanel page. Once you have done this, simply click ‘Add’. The IP will then be blocked from placing any more orders on your site.

As easy as this is, many store owners do not know how to block these time-wasting orders from their store. Use this easy step by step method to eliminate false orders, making time for you to concentrate on valuable customers.