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“Build an Effective Website”. Sounds simple, but many overlook this key component of their business. This is how new customers can find and connect with you. In some cases, it may be their first impression of your company.

Make Your Website a Priority in 2014

Make it relevant: Keep your site up to date by regularly updating your content. If your updates are lengthy, break them up into a series. If possible, write content in advance to release at certain dates. Making your site interesting and useful to your customers gives them a reason to return.

Keep on Target: Your website is there to win new business and support existing customers. It’s not a glory ride or space for a rant. Everything on there should promote your brand and assist in closing a sale.

Make it easy to navigate: A complicated site with complicated navigation features can frustrate users. Try a role play. You are a visitor to your site and require a widget. How easy is it for you to reach the right page? Asking a family member of friend can help. If you find yourself saying “No, you’ve got it wrong”, it probably means YOU’VE got it wrong. Visitors to your site should be able to find what they require without direction.

Monitor Google Analytics: A quick check of analytics is enough to make sure that the site is running smoothly. Seeing visitors drop out, or your bounce rate rocket are warning signs for you to act on. Spending more time in Analytics will give you an insight as to what is important to your customers, and the path they take from learning about your company to making a purchase.

Plan what your site will say, and be consistent saying it: Knowing what your key search terms are is a firm base to adding content to your website.

Building a compelling website to support your business takes time and effort, but it should be as integral part of your work, the same as opening your post in the morning. With planning and preparation you can build your site in a way which will engage with your customers and draw them back to your business. It can give an extra reason to choose you over your competitors.

Will your site stand out in 2014?