Internet Marketing for Local Businesses – 5 Tips

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With the majority of shoppers conducting online research before purchasing, having a sound plan for your business’s internet marketing strategy has never been so important. With planning and preparation, your campaigns can drive traffic to your site and keep you from wasting money. Here are our top 5 tips for digital marketing for local businesses:

1. Work to a strategy.

Deciding what your aim is before starting is the first step. Whether you want to generate interest in your product or service, encourage more online sales or even get your message heard, having a clear goal in mind will help you guide your internet marketing efforts in the right direction.

2. Do your research.

Find out what keywords people are searching for in relation to your business – and make sure your site includes focus on those search terms. Making sure that your site clearly uses the search terms that you want to rank for will help people find the answers they are looking for on your site.

3. Get registered.

Registering with all local and national business listing sites will create more opportunities for people to find your business. Claiming your business on sites such as, Google My Business and Bing Places will mean your business can be found when people search for ‘X near me’.

4. Budget for PPC.

Paid Ads will give a boost to your traffic which helps your business get known. Campaigns at slower times of the year can generate more interest and keep your sales flowing. Budgeting more for ads in peak periods will help you take advantage of seasonal peaks. Once you have created your campaign you will need to plan to keep it relevant and attracting the right audience.

5. Be social smart.

Regularly posting on social media keeps people up to date with your products and reminds them of the services you offer. Many people contact companies through their social media accounts so make sure you monitor messages and posts to continue to generate interest.

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