Google Analytics for Ecommerce

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Google Academy has for a limited time offered a new course focused entirely on analysing data from Google Analytics for ecommerce businesses. Always ready to hone our analytics skills, we’ve all run through this useful refresher and passed the final exam with flying colours. All passing with a 100% score, we’re ready to help any ecommerce business examine its current position and plan a path to increased profitability.

Google Analytics provides website owners with a wealth of data for examining all parts of their online business. Each year this platform adds more data sets and methods to drill down to the information which can help you to make changes to improve visitor experience and increase conversions.

If you would like Ricorocks to assist your company to make sense of this data, to plan with you how to better serve your customers and increase your conversions, contact us now. We are a certified Google AdWords Agency and skilled in Ecommerce revenue management.