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One of the biggest influencers of the price you pay per click in Google AdWords (other than the competition for that word) is the quality score. This is the score works as a multiplier on your bid, making low scores need to bid higher to get above other bids with a better quality score. On some campaigns where there is a lot of competition, getting a high-quality score can mean your ad leapfrogs to the top of the results with a bid lower than your competitors. Needless to say, a great quality score can dramatically increase your traffic without increasing your AdWords budget.

Sample AdWords ScoreThis quality score is a single score based on the relevance between the keyword, your ad, and the landing page, along with Google’s calculation on how likely the ad was to get a click-through. This single score can be broken down to into the three parts in Google AdWords so the PPC manager can work on improving the score.

There are several areas to check when trying to increase your quality score. The first is that your ad groups are broken down into similar themes. These themes would all have a common thread or way to describe the product. This will produce logical groups to be able to focus on each of the three areas individually.

  1. Ad Relevance
    The Google AdWords adverts for a group should include ads using the same language as the search. We’ve had good results getting the same phrase in the title and text, but having a good variety helps Google match the right add to the search.
  2. Landing Page Experience
    The landing page should be clear and relevant to the search. Again, matching the language and phrases used in the keyword means that there is an obvious match. Google have been clear in the past about their disdain for lots of popups, overlays and non-SSL pages, so it’s good practice to bring all those considerations into your landing page. PPC landing pages don’t need to be part of your main site, but should be tailored to match the keyword and ad.
  3. Expected Click Through Rate
    Google wants to show ads which get clicks and drive revenue. The expected click through rate should be high as you are targeting people through your keyword who should want your product or service. You can improve quality scores here by making sure your text is dynamic, offering offers, encouraging contact and clear. Bidding for a high position (top 3), using site links and extensions and bidding more aggressively with certain audiences all can influence this score.>

Getting your quality score right is essential for running a good Google AdWords campaign. If you would like our experts to give your campaign a free review, or build your company a great campaign, get in touch with us today.